I am Krisztina Szeri, Life and Business Coach.

I believe that our decisions, goals, steps – and our lives in general – can become authentic by getting to know and experiencing our true feelings.
With this emotional awareness, change becomes a real possibility.

Within the boundaries of coaching, I’ll be there with you as a mirror, holding a space so that you can safely explore these unknown areas, as much as you want to. During the coaching process, I will help you to identify your real goals, to define the steps to reach them, and I can even be there with you as you start to take those steps.

I’ve spent more than 10 years working in multinational companies, including in leadership positions. Besides my private coaching business, I currently work with developer teams. I was introduced to the world of coaching in a corporate training session in 2017. I immediately felt that this form of helping others resonated very much with me, so I started to study life coaching at Indigo Training that same year, where we also got some insights into the areas of Art Coaching and NLP. (I went on to learn more NLP tools at a training session at Soft Skill Akadémia in 2021.)  In the past 4 years, I’ve applied what what I learned in both my leadership roles, as well as with internal and external coaching clients. In 2020, before the pandemic started, I decided to follow my heart and as part of this process, I launched my private coaching business in May 2021.

In my free time I worn on my self-development. I’ve been having therapy and coaching supervision sessions for years and I am continuously adding to my knowledge in coaching and psychology.

I spend a lot of time with self-development through dancing and movement. I'm being trained to become a "Mozdulj a lelkedből" ("Move from your soul") instructor.