Life Coaching

If you feel stuck in an area of your life, you are not progressing towards your goals as you envisioned, or perhaps the goal itself is an issue, then Life Coaching can be a good tool for change and to move ahead.

During the coaching process, I will help you to experience your honest feelings, with acceptance, asking questions, and by holding a safe space for you. I will support you in finding your goals from this new perspective, in defining the steps towards these goals and also in moving forward.

Business Coaching

The starting point in Business Coaching processes is usually a situation regarding your job, the workplace, or your own private business. It could be a conflict, preparation for a future situation or it could be the thought of a career change or even taking the steps toward this change.

In these coaching sessions I also follow the ’coach the person, not the problem’ principle, so we approach the work-related challenges primarily from an emotional standpoint.

Szeri Krisztina

Coaching is the process with which I can best help people to become authentic. It can bring more calmness, balance, and happiness to your days. Besides finding your real goals and your own solutions during the coaching sessions, I pay a lot of attention to your emotional awareness – all within the boundaries of coaching.

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