Coaching - from the heart

Have you ever stared at your bookshelf full of personal-development books, disappointedly thinking something like ’I understand all these, so why can’t I solve the issue I’m struggling with’? Many of us have been in such a situation.

There are people who are afraid to as for help. They think that it’s a weakness and they are embarrassed. But no one is a robot. We are all human beings, and connecting is essential to all of us. Connecting with others, connecting with ourselves, and with something beyond – depending on what you believe in.

It’s natural that while we connect to somebody, and when we see ourselves in the mirror of someone else, we go through different states compared to what we experience when we deal with things on our own.

As a coach, I help you to take action, to take steps towards the direction that you really wish to go, and, if needed, to find that direction first.

Problems will not disappear suddenly neither from coaching nor from any other helping processes. We can rise to a higher level of self-knowledge, but challenges and conflicts will unavoidably get in our way. Setbacks, losses, grief, sadness, anger, and I could go on – they won’t simply go away.

Although as our self and emotional awareness gets deeper during the coaching process, how we experience these natural parts of life can change. We learn to stay more in balance and get out of the struggle easier.

As a coach, I can support you by holding a safe space for you and by asking you questions. While you can find your real goal and your own solution to the challenge you bring to the coaching sessions, you can also connect to yourself on a higher level. And this is the basis for all the other connections in life...

Feel free to reach out to me if you are dealing with any kind of challenges, where you feel that another perspective could help, for example

  • you feel stuck on your path
  • you don’t yet know what your path is, but you feel, that you are not at the right place
  • you would like to improve your self-development
  • you want to improve your communication skills
  • you’re trying to solve a conflict
  • you feel stuck in a workplace situation
  • you want to improve your leadership skills
  • you would like to solve issues with your manager
  • you are seeking help with changing jobs or career paths